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Character production services we can collaborate on

Character Production

  • Character Art Direction

    • High level overview documentation​

    • Character profiling

    • Concepting 2D / 3D

  • Concept from 2D to full production

  • 3D Character Creation

    • Realistic​/Stylised

    • Animal/Creature

    • Fur/Hair



  • Work with K9 Digital to produce not only the 3D models but the full character pipeline.

    • Material creation​

    • Character Technical Art

    • Skinning & Rigging


3D Concepting

  • We can create 3D concepts to further your designs/ideas

    • Prototyping​

    • Benchmarking

    • Developing character narratives through image



  • Looking to learn more about the industries we are involved in?

    • Online learning​

    • 1:1 Support

    • In house training

Let's Work Together

K9 Digital offers are range of services as listed above but please reach out as we offer a customer-led service. Anyone looking for collaboration with K9 Digital in others ways - please use our contact page to send enquiries through

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