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Our Story

K9 Digital was founded after years of industry experience in AAA, Indie, Mobile, and VR gaming, specialising in character creation across multiple platforms. Recognising a unique opportunity to promote fresh ideas, highlight emerging talent, and honour the artists who have paved the way in the industry, we established K9 Digital with these pillars as our foundation.

Dot Paint Splatter

Meet the Team

May 2024_edited.jpg

Tia Sparling


Managing Director


Dan Ravenhall

Character Artist


Ashley Sparling


Character Art Director


Holly Bruce

Character Artist


Erin Milc-Dupont

Production Manager


Alona Stupak

Character Artist


Wellington Gaius-Obaseki

Character Artist


Zahra Sufiya Tilling

Character Artist

Team CV 

Our talented team of artists have worked with some of the most renowned studios in the industry. 

Dot Paint Splatter
Why We Founded K9

Our vision was to create a space where creativity and innovation could thrive, and to guide the next generation of industry leaders. We saw a gap in the industry for a company that not only produced high-quality character designs but also nurtured and showcased the talents of new and seasoned artists alike. K9 Digital was born out of a desire to foster a vibrant community where artistic expression and technological advancement go hand in hand.


Promote Fresh Ideas


We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of character creation by encouraging new and innovative ideas. Our platform is a hub for creative minds to explore and develop ground-breaking concepts.

Highlight Emerging Talent

At K9 Digital, we believe in the power of fresh perspectives. We provide a stage for up-and-coming artists to shine, offering them the tools and support they need to grow and succeed in the industry.

Develop Industry Leaders 

We focus on teaching and guiding juniors in the industry to become the best they can be. By providing efficient and effective pipelines for character creation across film, game, TV, and other creative industries, we ensure that the juniors of today become the industry leaders of tomorrow.

Your Career at K9 Digital

If you are looking to get your foot in the door with developing characters, K9 Digital is the place to start, grow, and further your career development. Our company offers a unique environment where you can hone your skills, collaborate with talented professionals, and make a significant impact in the world of gaming and digital artistry.


Our People

Our employees are the heart of K9 Digital. We believe that a personalised and tailored work experience is key to fostering creativity and job satisfaction. What we have to offer here at K9 Digital is something special – a work environment that values individuality, encourages professional growth, and supports a balanced, fulfilling career.

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