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3D Character Outsourcing studio for GAMES | FILM | TV | VR


Here at K9 Digital we create 3D characters for Games, Film, TV & VR. Our highly experienced character based services meet the needs of all aspects of 3D Character creation from hyper-real to stylised. We strive to be ahead of the curve and pride ourselves on the willingness to learn new techniques in order to maximise on quality.

Innovative Character Services

Studio Led

At K9 Digital, we pride ourselves on being able to offer full scale character production from concept to rigging.
Keeping studios we develop with at the forefront of the creation process is imperative to ensure that we fulfill the brief to the max and more. From firsthand experience we know how crucial to the production process this is and we know how to be a top player in the industry. Whether through asset creation or co-development we are up for the challenge. 


Evolving Tech

Optimising existing tools and trialing evolving tech is a part of our artists daily processes and we strive to master these and impress our clients with the quality we can achieve. Here at K9 Digital we love to be over-achievers and surprise ourselves!

We work with Unreal Engine (UE5)  & Unity 

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